Become a Customer of Harry Jesse Son & Co Ltd

Hello there! Are you looking to bring some tasty seafood to your table? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re Harry Jesse Son & Co Ltd, and we’re excited to welcome you as a potential new customer.

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Why Pick Us: Loads of Experience: We’ve been in the seafood business since way back in 1942. That’s a super long time! So, we really know our stuff when it comes to fish and seafood.

Top-Quality Yumminess: We only offer the best seafood around. Our team makes sure that every piece is super fresh and just right for you.

Lots to Choose From: Whether you like fish or shrimps, we’ve got a bunch of different kinds of seafood. You can pick and choose what you want!

We’re Reliable: You know what’s great? Getting your seafood when you expect it. We’re known for being on time and dependable.

New and Old Together: We like the old ways, but we’re also into new ideas. Our place is modern, and we care about the environment too.

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How to Start: Give Us a Shout: You can call us or send an email. Our friendly team will chat with you about what you need and answer any questions you have.

Tell Us Your Wishes: Do you want fish fillets or maybe some crab? Let us know your likes and how much you need, and we’ll help you out.

Order Time: After we chat, we’ll help you place your order. It’s easy and quick!

Yummy Time: Once you’re our customer, get ready for some delicious seafood on your plate. We’re here to help make your meals awesome.

Let’s Get Cooking: Being a customer with us is like joining a big seafood family. We’re excited to have you, and we can’t wait to help you enjoy some seriously tasty treats. Get in touch today, and let’s start this yummy adventure together!